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Printing of barcode labels is one of the tasks that can be very easily carried out by using barcode labeling software and assigning the printing job to regular printers. Use of barcode labeling software can substitute the specific barcode printing devices which are used for the process of barcode printing. Barcode labeling software can also use the inputs given by these printing devices.

While realizing the barcode system for the first time, you must decide and plan about the barcode printing setup that is to be used or will be used by you at a later stage. You must check that your system configurations are compatible with the barcode symbology of the barcode printers. There are certain printers which are available in market that have compatibility to support differing symbologies.

Any organization which maintains large inventories that keep on changing rapidly has greater requirements for the barcode printers. Industries have an indispensable need to set up barcode printers because regular computer printing devices cannot make fast impressions like barcode printers. Barcode printers are available in different sizes in a long price range. It can be easily categorized into two types based on the printing methods that are thermal transfer based printers and direct thermal based printers.

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