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Engaging Customers at Store – THE DIGITAL ENABLERS


QR Codes – again, an old tech but not fully leveraged. QR codes are a great way to up engagement with mobile users. QR codes can be used in a multitude of ways – access vouchers, get more merchandise information or reduce time to find merchandise.
Thus, there are multiple ways to convert a staid physical store into one that guarantees digital engagement with consumers thus helping extend her online experience. The store as an innovation hub is rapidly gaining currency and smart retailers are rethinking their store around consumer experiences. A word of caution, though – in the excitement of all the shiny new technologies that can enable this, a retailer needs to simultaneously focus two very important aspects – first, how do they plan to incentivize the store staff to honour and enable such transactions that effortlessly transcend the digital and physical space. And second, how do they plan to manage the larger technology landscape that now has multiple, smaller moving parts. Failure on either front will spell failure. The store is so important that successful online behemoths have adopted a “physical store” strategy bringing in new partnerships and brand new innovations in their wake – this will be the subject of my next! Long live the store!

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