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What’s in store for mobile learning


Retail has seen a revolution of sorts in the past decade with more and more services coming under its gamut. The ultimate customer experience has undergone a drastic change with more information and choice available. Employee behavior towards customers is surfacing as a new barometer for brand equity and brand perception.

Employees form an integral part of this whole equation and their behavior and performance spells success for the organization. In that context training of In -store retail employees have seen a shift from conventional classroom training to eLearning and now mlearning.

This new trend is extending access to information and helping to keep employees updated on new procedures and products. Mobile-based learning using mobile devices as a training tool does away with the need for expensive classroom training sessions and does not require employees to take time off to attend classes. The shift towards training delivered via mobile-based apps in small, easily digestible info-nuggets is consistent with the move towards continuous learning and engagement
M learning is also reducing training costs for companies and increasing participation amongst employees. Employees who service customers or need an immediate product or procedure update are more likely to make use of a mobile app to access information.

Like a digital consultant when asked to devise a strategy quipped “The device is the strategy”. The long journey of a digital ecosystem for training started from there. Faced with lot of challenges right from immediate onboarding and induction with continuous updates on SOPs, product updates, campaign details, the training to an employee in the retail business never stops. All the more important when one is focused on giving a standardized experience to customers across all the stores. This is followed by On the Job Training and Assessment to ascertain the behavioral change and implementation of the learnings. All these are done through mobile apps. To encourage and motivate the employees, leaderboards and gamification play a critical role. The progress should be shared transparently with impact on business by key performers.

Even an existing employee needs constant reinforcement and all this cannot be done in a classroom. It is all about constantly tuning the employees. With numerous apps competing for space on his mobile, one needs a single app to learn, enable, assess and develop.
Taking recourse to in-house videos brings in an element of involvement and attachment to the learning process. Also encourages self-learning, peer learning and sharing of best practices
You can now test staff and managers learning, certify them, schedule coaching sessions, assess skills, measure activity and produce reports in real time and guarantee that all staff are implementing learned skills on the shop floor in a fraction of the time. Coaching, closing of the feedback loop and audit forms an important part of the entire mobile learning and development experience.

Retail stores to QSR all are looking to these digital solutions to fine tune their employees to higher levels of performance in delivering a delightful experience to the customer.

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